About Us

We are proud to be associated with more than 1,500 projects around the Northeast Ohio region. With an industry as saturated as ours we understand you have questions like, “Who’s the best contractor in Canton?” and “What determines a good contractor?” We have taken the time to answer those questions and so many more. Our jobs are worked on continuously from start to completion- no leaving you hanging while we try to fit more jobs in. We have our own installers so you can feel both safe in the people we bring to your home and confident in their ability. Finishing work on schedule is of the utmost importance to us, as we know it is for you. If we say a project will be done on time, you have our word that we will make every effort to make that happen. Now don’t get concerned that while we’re working hard to finish in a timely manner that we’ll turn into Pig Pen! A clean work environment is better for everyone and we strive to maintain the cleanliness of your home during and after the project. We have a tremendous amount of pride in each and every job we do; treating your home as our own. We would be honored to work with your family on whatever needs arise to turn your dreams into reality.