Signature Offers Helpful Information to North Canton Residents about How to Obtain a Construction Loan

By Gemma ChrissMost people wish they could make adjustments to their current dwelling for greater comfort and convenience. The fact is that few individuals actually own the home of their dreams. Unfortunately, indoor and/or outdoor renovations can be expensive, extending far beyond the budget most homeowners have in place. However, what a number of residents throughout the Green, Ohio and…read more →

Signature Offers Advice to North Canton Residents about When to Call a Residential Contractor

By Gemma ChrissWith so much information about DIY projects available, it’s tempting to do all the work on one’s own. In addition to being a more affordable option, there’s a sense of accomplishment that goes along with completing home improvement tasks without the help of a professional. However, experts agree that a line needs to be drawn somewhere. One false…read more →

Signature Provides Hartville Natives with Helpful Information about Stamped Concrete and Paver Stones

By Gemma ChrissThe best way to improve the overall appearance of one’s outdoor space is to start from the ground up. By installing weather-resistant flooring in the backyard, homeowners have a solid foundation on which to build their new living area. Unfortunately, choosing the right patio surface isn’t quite as easy as one would think. With a variety of different…read more →

Residents throughout Canton Are Utilizing Their Entertainment Spaces More Effectively Thanks to Signature

By Gemma ChrissMany homeowners throughout the Jackson Township, Ohio and Canal Fulton, Ohio areas lack a proper entertainment space, which can make things difficult when friends and family members come to visit. For some, the answer is as simple as expanding the existing living or family room. For others, however, such home renovations just aren’t in the budget. Fortunately, Signature’s…read more →

Signature Offers Helpful Gardening Tips to Homeowners in North Canton and Beyond

By Gemma ChrissSome people are blessed with a naturally “green thumb,” while others struggle to keep their plants alive through the spring and summer seasons. Knowing that a number of residents throughout the Massillon, Ohio and Green, Ohio areas belong to the latter group, Signature makes things a little easier by offering up some helpful gardening tips. Since these residential…read more →

Signature Creates Beautiful Patio Designs for Properties in Green, Ohio and Beyond

By Fiona VernonThere are many different forms of landscaping that can improve the outward appearance of a residence. Of the many different forms available, hardscaping is one that has become increasingly popular. After all, hardscaping is a great way to highlight flower beds and other areas of a landscape using bricks, natural stone, and much more. What some homeowners don’t…read more →

Signature Offers Spring Cleaning Tips For Homes in Canton and Beyond this Season

By Fiona VernonAs the temperatures begin to rise in Akron and throughout the region, many individuals feel the urge to remove clutter and organize their home through spring cleaning. However, the idea of cleaning the entire home can make many individual feel overwhelmed. For this reason and many others, Signature –located at 1901 Mt. Vernon Blvd. in Canton, Ohio— suggests…read more →

Signature Explains the Importance of Fertilizer When Growing Perennials and Annuals

By Fiona VernonFor years, Signature has been creating unique landscape designs for properties in North Canton, Louisville, Massillon, and beyond. When creating these landscape designs, one question often arises from property owners: is plant fertilizer important? Whether it’s a small flower bed or a complete landscape renovation, fertilizer plays an important role in the growth and development of flowers. Although…read more →