Closet Renovation

Homeowners in Summit County, Ohio, can Call Signature for Home Remodeling to Increase Their Living Space

By Fiona Vernon Mother Nature has decided that it is time to pummel the hills and valleys from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, with unrelenting snow and ice. This has prompted residents to spend most of their time indoors. This was initially relaxing; however, after hours of bonding with the family and cleaning everything repeatedly, people are starting to get…read more →

Homeowners in Akron, Ohio, can Let Signature Use Their 3D Design and Planning Software to Budget for Their Remodel

By Fiona VernonMost people from Akron, Ohio, to Canton, Ohio, have been spending more time indoors due to the cold temperatures. This fact inevitably leads to homeowners noticing the features of their homes that they would change if given the chance. Anyone in Massillon, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, can call Signature to inquire about interior home remodeling and…read more →

Homeowners in Wooster, Ohio, Can Call Signature to Expand, Organize, and Maximize Their Closet Space

By Fiona VernonThere are a variety of things that individuals can do when they decide that it’s time to utilize their closet space more effectively, whether they trim down their wardrobe or expand their closet. A well-designed, spacious closet can be a selling feature for a home that someone is intending to put on the market, because it helps buyers…read more →

Homeowners in Wooster, Ohio, Deciding Whether to Build an Addition or Move Can Call Signature for Pros and Cons

By Fiona VernonIndividuals gradually modify their living space over time to accommodate their aesthetic taste and lifestyle; however, families grow or simply desire more space, so they must make certain choices as to their living situation. They may love their neighborhood, but every house has pros and cons attached to it. There comes a time in most adult lives from…read more →

Homeowners in Summit County, Ohio, Can Trust Signature with Their 3D Design Planning and Software

By Fiona VernonIndividuals who are contemplating a home remodel may plan for months, or even years, in their mind before they make the phone call and commit to it. Renovations are a big undertaking, even when the homeowner from North Canton, Ohio, or Green, Ohio, is hiring a contractor to do the work. One must be flexible in their expectations,…read more →

Homeowners in Hartville, Ohio, can use their Tax Refund for the Affordable Remodeling Services of Signature

By Fiona VernonSpring has sprung, the birds are singing, and every citizen in Stark County, Ohio, knows what that means — it’s tax time! People spend the year working challenging jobs to be able to enjoy simple things in life, whether for entertainment or investment back into their homes. Many homeowners in Jackson Township, Ohio, spend the winter months indoors…read more →

Signature Offers Helpful Home Improvement Advice to Homeowners in Massillon, Ohio and Beyond

By Gemma ChrissRenovation projects have seen a significant increase in popularity over the last few years. More and more homeowners are taking on home improvement tasks to increase the value of their property so they can get the best possible price when the time comes to sell. However, it’s important to choose the right project for one’s budget and needs….read more →

Signature Offers Spring Cleaning Tips For Homes in Canton and Beyond this Season

By Fiona VernonAs the temperatures begin to rise in Akron and throughout the region, many individuals feel the urge to remove clutter and organize their home through spring cleaning. However, the idea of cleaning the entire home can make many individual feel overwhelmed. For this reason and many others, Signature –located at 1901 Mt. Vernon Blvd. in Canton, Ohio— suggests…read more →