Homeowners in Summit County, Ohio, Can Trust Signature with Their 3D Design Planning and Software

sunroom_slideBy Fiona Vernon

Individuals who are contemplating a home remodel may plan for months, or even years, in their mind before they make the phone call and commit to it. Renovations are a big undertaking, even when the homeowner from North Canton, Ohio, or Green, Ohio, is hiring a contractor to do the work. One must be flexible in their expectations, because unforeseen problems and delays can arise. The first step is choosing which local home remodeling contractor an individual will trust with their precious home and ideas, and knowing what to ask contractors before the start of the project is key. Asking questions creates an understanding between the two parties so that they are aware of each other’s expectations. Signature knows that everyone in Summit County, Ohio, and beyond has a choice in whom they have confidence, so they want to make their clients as happy as possible. They offer 3D design planning and software so that the client knows exactly what to expect when the project is finished. Whether someone in Akron, Ohio, has finally decided to call on the sunroom construction they have always wanted so that they can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere in the chillier months, or another homeowner is inquiring about a kitchen or bathroom renovation, Signature can satisfy their demands and provide the improved space for which they are looking.
Signature_SunroomA kitchen or bathroom renovation is an investment that frequently requires advanced planning. It will increase the value of anyone’s home from Akron to Green but usually requires a significant chunk of money to accomplish. When figuring out what to ask contractors, one of the important subjects to which someone might want answers before they decide on a company is regarding the financial process — is there a down payment, when does the company need paid, and do they offer financing? Signature offers several financing options that are available for both small and large jobs, as well as a consultation before the project that involves a free estimate. The homeowner will also be aware of what the renovation will look like when completed with Signature’s 3D design planning and software. While researching a company in and around Summit County, observing their past work firsthand and looking at reference lists can indicate how one feels about their craftsmanship, and this local home remodeling contractor can supply a list of references.

abstract sketch design of interior kitchenAnother piece of information that might be important depends on the level of involvement that a client would like. Maybe an individual in North Canton has been wanting to call a home remodeling company about the possibility of a sunroom construction before winter but would like to be involved in some of the process. Signature will allow the client to perform some of the work themselves, but there are limitations that must be agreed upon before the beginning of the project — each decided differently based on its complexity. Along the same thought process, a client may want to know if they can supply their own materials. Signature will use client-supplied products but may place restrictions on the warranty. They offer a warranty of 36 months on materials they install and provide, but don’t extend the warranty to homeowner-supplied products in the event that the products might become defective. Deciding ahead on the best method of contact and putting a plan in place for unanticipated delays or order changes will save hours of frustration for both client and contractor. Signature will sit down with anyone and be happy to guide them through the entire remodeling process.

Signature_SunroomIt is a very exciting time when a homeowner in Summit County, Ohio, decides that they want to move forward with a long-anticipated sunroom construction, or kitchen or bathroom renovation. Knowing what to ask contractors is an important initial step when hiring a company, and anyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, can be confident in talking to Signature as they decide on a local home remodeling contractor. They can accommodate many clients wishes — from level of project involvement to remodel financing. They also offer 3D design planning and software to anyone in Akron, Ohio, and beyond, so that they are confident in what the completed project will look like. Signature is a family-owned company with over 50 years of residential and commercial industry experience. Regardless of the size of the project, homeowners will be happy to know that their job will be completed on time, within the agreed upon budget, and with no mess left behind.

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