Signature Offers Spring Grass Care Tips to Massillon, Ohio Natives

Signature_SeedingBy Gemma Chriss

Residents throughout the Green, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; and Massillon, Ohio areas are excited by the prospect of an early spring. Recent weather conditions suggest that winter is coming to an end, which is why homeowners may want to begin thinking about grass care. The landscaping team from Signature is quick to point out that lawn mowing and fertilization are vital for healthy grass growth, while some lawn treatments—like aeration—can be beneficial as well. Regardless of whether an individual is planning on hiring a professional to perform yard service this coming season or not, it always helps to get advice from a team of experts like those at Signature.
First and foremost, the landscaping team at Signature recommends starting off with a solid foundation. If one’s lawn is covered in bare patches, now is the time to put down grass seed. Though most experts agree that fall is the best time for seeding, it’s also a task that can be performed in spring. However, Signature advises homeowners to tackle this project as early as possible so the lawn has a chance to grow in and get established before the arrival of summer.

Signature_Bare GrassAnother important part of grass care is lawn fertilization. Residents throughout the North Canton, Green, and Massillon areas should feed their yards with a high-quality fertilizer a few times a year. For the best results, Signature recommends putting down a light application of slow-release fertilizer in early spring. Homeowners who plan on performing this lawn treatment themselves should wait until the first lawn trimming of the season.

In the event that one’s yard struggles to grow as a result of compacted soil, lawn aeration should also be performed in early spring. Signature notes that this lawn treatment is best performed during the spring season when grass is in active growth. Aeration not only loosens the soil so it can absorb more moisture, but it also helps the grass roots to reach deeper beneath the ground. Of course, not everyone has the equipment or desire to handle this task themselves, which is why homeowners often hire Signature’s landscaping team for yard service.

After lawn seeding, fertilization, and aeration, regular trimming is usually all that’s needed to keep one’s yard looking its best during the spring and summer months. However, those who have additional questions about grass care are more than welcome to reach out to the landscaping team at Signature. Since Signature regularly performs yard service for individuals throughout Massillon, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; Green, Ohio; and beyond, their experts are the ones to ask about what lawn treatments can help produce lush, green grass and strong, vibrant plants.

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