Sunrooms and Home Additions

Need a little extra room?

Love your neighborhood, neighbors, aspects of your home and location but found that as time has gone by you need a little extra room? Maybe your family has grown since you purchased your home? Room additions come in all shapes and sizes; ground level or adding on to the second floor. It could be a case of simply enlarging one room like the kitchen to accommodate more seating, wishing to consolidate all of your living to the first floor or finally purchasing that toy you’ve been waiting for and your garage isn’t big enough. A properly designed and built home addition can look like it was never added on and has always been part of the original home.

Who wouldn’t want a sunroom? Sunrooms and additions are many times the same thing, the main difference being if the room is intended for year around use or more seasonal use. Another term many people use is outdoor living space, which could be as simple as a patio with an umbrella table, deck or a covered porch. Many times these evolve into sunrooms which are typically classified as three or four season rooms with the big difference being a four season room has heat and can be used year around. We at Signature can create, design and build a room to accommodate whatever your needs may be; from a simple deck with a trellis roof to a full four season room with cedar panelling and a masonry fireplace and everything in between!

Sunroom in luxury home with wicker furniture Checkout our Sun Rooms and Additions Portfolios.