Why Signature Design & Remodeling

Signature Design and Remodeling is your service provider—large or small, you can count on us to be there for all.


• 36 month warranty
• Free estimates and consultations

• High quality craftsmanship
• Timely completion of projects
• Design build & 3D CAD design
• High level of experience and professionalism
• Design capabilities


• Flexible affordability
• Peace of mind
• Return on investment
• One stop shop
• Allows you to see and visualize your new space


There is a big difference between building a home and remodeling your home. Many consumers are not aware of the potential risks that can come with remodeling your home. Having spent many years doing exclusively remodeling work, Signature knows the differences! Protecting your property, not invading your privacy, allowing you to function as normal as possible during the remodeling process are only a few of the many things the separate us from the competition.


Our staff is highly trained on the latest use and installation of the most current building products. You will find interaction with our workers to be very pleasant. We offer written estimates, clearly drawn plans and detailed project specifications and selections to ensure that your job not only runs smoothly but that you will receive all the value you are paying for. Additionally, this attention to detail eliminates mistakes which can often increase the length of the installation process.

Signature employees are highly skilled. Our workforce has many diversified skilled tradesmen with many years of experience. We do background checks and character references on each employee prior to hiring. Fortunately, we don’t have to hire often because we have been privileged to have longevity with our employees and a low turn-over. Additionally, the lead carpenter will stay on your job from start to finish which ensures higher quality and shorter completion dates.

At Signature we take great pride in delivering truly good customer service. This means keeping appointments, being timely, making promises and keeping them.

We take great pride in daily job-site cleanup as to minimize stress and obstruction to your everyday life. We also pay particular attention to the final clean-up as we desire your home look as though we were never there there.